Mayurbhanj is proud of its traditional food like Mudhi Mansa, Dal Khechidi, ram ruchuka. The influence of very exotic food like Jal – Ghantei ( made of pond snails ) and Red ant chutney can be also seen among locals. During my visit to Kacheri Market, the sale of vivid food ingredients shows the cultural diversity of this place.

Baripada – which is the main town of Mayurbhanj has lot of modern restaurants too. People are very keen of street food and show equal love dishes from outside like idli, vada, samosa as well. My mom loves to have masala dosa when we go to market. You will see lot of young people hanging out in modern coffee and tea stalls as well.

Mudhi Mansa – Identity of Mayurbhanj

Mudhi Mansa Mudhi Mansa is not just a food but an emotion of the Mayurbhanj people. Mixed with mutton gravy, and served with onion, green chilly and fresh coriander, Mudhi reaches to its zenith of taste. Only imagination of the food itself brings water to the mouth of people. Mudhi – also known as Murmura…

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Mayurbhanj and its famous Red Ants

Mayurbhanj is famous for its dense forests and tribes. Large part of this district is influenced by traditional food and culture. The native tribes play a vital role in cultural aspect of the society. Where the access to technology is seldom, natives still manage to find solution to their problem through their indigenous resources and…

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