Covid’19 related news and information

Negative Covid-19 report is mandatory for entry into Odisha .This is applicable to all models of travel. People entering the state by train, bus, aeroplane, waterways or in private vehicles will have to produce RT-PCR negative report obtained within 72 hours of the entry or the final vaccination certificate.

Lockdown announcement from May 5 to 19 in the state due to covid

  1. 6 am to 12 pm is allowed for vegetables and grocery marketing within 500 mt walking distance
  2. Health care and other emergency services will not be cut
  3. The full shutdown will be in force on Saturday and Sunday as before
  4. Vaccination and testing will continue throughout the week.
  5. The bus service will be closed.
  6. All educational institutions, coaching centers and training centers will be closed during this time
  7. Exhibitions, fairs and business-based meetings will be closed
  8. Cinema halls, malls, market complexes and gyms will be closed,
  9. Opera and open stage will be completely closed,
  10. The salon, parlor and spa will be completely closed
  11. Social, religious, sports and political gatherings will be closed
  12. Permission must be obtained from local authorities for marriage,
  13. A maximum of 50 people can attend a wedding,
  14. Only 20 people are allowed to attend funeral ceremony.
  15. Restaurants and dhabas can only provide food for take away parcel
  16. Delivery services of Flipkart, Amazon, Jomato etc will continue as before
  17. Print, electronic media, web media access.
  18. Petrol pump, cooking gas supply allowed
  19. Taxis, cars, bicycles and rickshaws will be completely closed
  20. All transfers except medical work are prohibited

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