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Draupadi Murmu

Congratulations to Respected Smt. Draupadi Murmu A Dedicated sincere Tribal Women from Mahuldia, Rairangpur Mayurbhanj, Odisha on being announced as the Presidential nominee of #NDA. 2022 Let’s Wish her. She may become first Women President of India from the state of Odisha Once elected, she will be the first tribal President of India & the…

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Pandit Raghunath Murmu – The Creator of Santhali Script

It is the deeds of a common man that transform him into an extraordinary one. This statement has its best reflection in the personality of “Guru Gomke Pandit Raghunath Murmu”. His noble works and fights for his own language have brought him many identities. Hailed as Guru Gomke, people do regard him as a godly…

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Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanj Deo

The Ever-Shining Jewel of Mayurbhanj Sriram Chandra Bhanj Deo Men and women come and go and most of them become only distant memories. A few however leave behind impression, powerful enough to continue to remain almost as living presence long after they have gone. Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanja Deo, no doubt has left a rich…

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