Mayurbhanj is blessed by nature and heritage. The iconic palace of Belgadia shows the rich history and culture of this place. The old monuments in town of Baripada are very common. Be it old temples or rich four star modern fancy restaurants, it has lot to offer to tourists. Go outside of the main city and you will find dense Sal forests guarding your way. The world famous tiger reserve of Similipal and Lulung attracts lot of tourists every year.

If you plan your visit well, you can witness local cultural events too. People are really loving and welcoming here.

Chhau Nritya & The Chaitra Parva

Although it is unknown how the word Chhau came to existence. Some say sanskrit word “chaya” ( means stealth or shadow ), is the mother of this word – some say it was “chadma” (disguise). Equipped with many forms of dances and telling various stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata to traditional folk stories, this dance form…

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