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Dhokra – An art of casting metal on wax

Introduction Though not native to Mayurbhanj, Dhokra craft has become integral part of this culture now. Go to any mela or just roam around on the streets of Baripada, you will often see road side dwellers and shops waiting for customers and enthusiasts with their beautiful metal sculptures. These beautiful looking sculptures are often in […]

Sabai Grass Handicraft – How old age art became a transnational craft ?

“Sabai grass” when I first time heard the name, I thought it’s something new but soon I realized that is the same “Bobai ghaso” which people in my village used to makes ropes from. In my childhood during my vacations, when I used play on the streets in the village, I have witnessed it many […]

Mayurbhanj and its famous Red Ants

Mayurbhanj is famous for its dense forests and tribes. Large part of this district is influenced by traditional food and culture. The native tribes play a vital role in cultural aspect of the society. Where the access to technology is seldom, natives still manage to find solution to their problem through their indigenous resources and […]

Chhau Nritya & The Chaitra Parva

Although it is unknown how the word Chhau came to existence. Some say sanskrit word “chaya” ( means stealth or shadow ), is the mother of this word – some say it was “chadma” (disguise). Equipped with many forms of dances and telling various stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata to traditional folk stories, this dance form […]

Baruneswar – Historic Shiva Temple

Baruni Shiva mandir is the one of the major temples in Baripada, Mayurbhanj. Established in 19th century, this temple is a major attraction on Maha Shiva Ratri. The temple is standing on the bank of water stream “Jarali Sarali”, which later meets with main river of town “Budha Balanga”. Town’s major burial ground ( Shamshaan […]